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Villa in Tuscany

Ochre hues recall the soil of a vine-covered hillside. Time-worn wood and elegant simplicity speak of a style in which poetry is everything.

Victorian Townhouse

Reassuringly traditional, it bathes in a serene atmosphere of order and proportion. Ornamental details evoke a haven of delicacy and femininity.

The Hamptons

Sun-bleached shades, rustic wood and a cool, contemporary flair. A relaxed and casual veneer, effortlessly underpinned with glamour and sophistication.

Paris Mansion

Light streams through the stately windows, reflected in ornate mirrors and crystal chandeliers. A majestic sense of luxury, instinctive and without compare.

Country Cottage

A symphony of blossom sings the praises of a gentle, benevolent nature. Pastel shades and homely touches offer a celebration of traditional comfort.

Stately Home

A refined patina, bequeathed by the passing years. A romantic setting where time stands still and a wish can make dreams come true.

New York Loft

Clean lines and a sensation of infinite space, for the ultimate in modernist sophistication. An inspirational sanctuary at the heart of a city that never sleeps.

The Riviera

Aromatic plants and driftwood smoothed by the waves. An interior of pure lines and contemporary style, discretely shaded from the golden sun outside.

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