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Our Sapphire adjustable bed uses modern technology to adapt effortlessly to your body, providing comfort and support in different positions as effectively as a traditional Vispring bed.

Sapphire bed with Talos headboard

In this second version, our Sapphire adjustable bed is paired with the Talos headboard, offering a simple rectangular design with rounded corners and a highlight line. Combined with one of our Recliner mattresses, it provides the assurance of delicious comfort and untroubled rest – by day and by night.

Sapphire bed with Metis headboard

Our Sapphire adjustable bed consists of a specially designed Recliner mattress, coupled with an adjustable sleep system that can be upholstered in most of the elegant fabrics from our exclusive collection. In this version, it incorporates the Metis headboard, a classic design with a plain padded border.

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