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Relax and sleep in comfort with convenience at your fingertips. Our adjustable beds feature modern technology to adapt effortlessly to your body, providing comfort and support in a variety of different positions with the same unrivalled quality and comfort as a traditional Vispring bed.


Whether you want to lie flat, lift your legs up or sit in a comfortable position to watch television, the Emerald adjusts itself to any position you prefer and supports your body completely. The secret of this flexible wonder is the base of the bed, which is packed with pocket springs, providing stability and comfort.


Available in a large choice of exclusive fabrics from our Timeless Collection, the adjustable bed Palladium is elegant and contemporary in design. It can be operated independently or synchronised and operates smoothly and quietly to provide you a peaceful rest and a perfect sleep.


Discover which Vispring bed is the perfect match for you and your body.

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